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     Termites are the most destructive pest in Oklahoma. They cause billions of dollars in damages annually nationwide. Termites live in underground colonies that can contain around a million termites. According to United States Department of Agriculture Oklahoma is moderately to heavily infested with termites, that equates to somewhere between 6-10 colonies per acre of land. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture estimates that "70% of structures built in Oklahoma will have a termite infestation occur within 20-30 years" and they further concluded that it can happen within the first year.


   We recommend having your property inspected in Duncan,OK at least once a year for termites using the most advanced inpection techniques available (See Termite Inspections page). Since most insurance policies don't cover termite damage, we also recommend a proactive approach to termites, treat before there is a problem. If by chance you are reading this and realize you already have a termite infestation don't panic it can be resolved.


   At Oklahoma Pest Services we combat termites using Termidor, the #1 termite defense in America. We back all our termite treatments for property owners in Duncan and surrounding areas in Oklahoma, with a renewable warranty that you can keep as long as you wish. In addition most of our termite warranties are even transferable in the event you decide to sell your property. We are committed to giving you the best treatment available and following up to ensure your termite problems stay under control.


Contact us today for a free inspection and a treatment plan customized to your properties needs.

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