Bed Bugs are on the Rise Duncan,OK

     Bed Bugs are becoming increasingly more of a problem in our areas of Duncan & Lawton,Ok. Bed Bugs are Not a sanitation or housekeeping issue. They can be found in homes of all kinds, hotels, airplanes, hospitals, nursing homes, office buildings and just about any other place humans are located.

Bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhiker. They move from a place that is infested to other places by hitching a ride in clothes, luggage, purses, backpacks, used furnishings or any other means of transport.

     Since bed bugs have become resistant to most commonly used pesticides and continue to adapt pesticide resistance they can be challenging to control by chemicals alone. At Oklahoma Pest Services we understand the challenges involved in treating for bed bugs. We have developed a treatment plan that utilizes whole structure heat treatment combined with strategic pesticide treatment.


     Why use both methods of treatment?


     We utilize state of the art heat treatment equipment to safely and effectively raise the temperature in the structure to temperatures that are lethal to bed bugs and their eggs. Heat treatments have proven 100% effective in eliminating bed bugs in one treatment. Heat treatments reduce the preparation that you have to do prior to treatment when compared to traditional pesticide treatments. Furniture, clothing, bedding, electronics and all other things in the structure get treated, things you normally couldn't treat with pesticides. Heat can go where pesticides can't.  

     We follow up with a chemical treatments simply because once the heat is gone there is nothing to stop bed bugs from reinfesting should they be reintroduced to the structure. Our way of thinking is they came from somewhere and it's not always easy to identify that source. Contact us today to schedule a Free Bedbug Inspection.


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