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 Pest Control Services In Duncan Oklahoma


  At Oklahoma Pest Services Co. we offer a full range of professional services to meet your pest, rodent removal & termite control needs in both Duncan, Lawton/Fort Sill and surrounding areas. Call us today for a free no obligation

inspection/estimate. We offer services for Residential and Commercial Properties utilizing the most effective and up to date treatment techniques. All work comes with a written warranty that assures you will get the results you pay for.


  Roaches are six-legged troublemakers that breed like rabbits. They carry disease pathogens, allergens and even triggers for asthma, and their presence is unacceptable and creepy to most people. Our experienced, certified Oklahoma exterminators can take on any pest or rodent (mice & rats) problems you may be experiencing. From ants, termites, fleas, cockroaches, ticks, spiders or other insects, our company will exterminate your pest issues from your home, yard or business.


  If you have bed bug problems our unique and powerful 2-step heat and chemical treatments will eliminate bed bugs where they  llive and breed. We will work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.


  At the first sign of an insect infestation, call Oklahoma Pest Services Co. for immediate attention at (580) 470-9839.   Whether you need treatment in your home, apartment, office or commercial building, we are here to help.


We Offer Crawl Space Remediation Services


Allowing excessive moisture in your crawlspace or around your home or business, without correction can create an environment conducive to all pests and most importantly wood-destroying fungi, termites, and wood-boring beetles.These pests can destroy the structure of your home, your belongings and merchandise. Excessive moisture may also lead to very serious health issues from mold spores which thrive in such an environment.


Some insects like termites, need moisture to live and excess moisture is a welcome mat to such pests attracting them to your home or commercial property. Oklahoma Pest Control Co.uses the latest technology to remove the excessive moisture creating these problems. We will custom tailor a moisture management plan that will fit your specific needs. Give us a call today so you may have a healthier, safer tomorrow. Contact us today to schedule a free Pest Management & Moisture Remediation Inspection: (580) 470-9839



Pest Management for Duncan and Lawton Oklahoma


What is Pest Control? Simply defined, Pest control is the regulation or management of a pest and a pest is a species (i.e.,  animals, insects, plants, germs and other organisms) that interferes with human activities. And a practitioner of pest control is an exterminator. We are the best pest control exterminator in Duncan,Oklahoma. Our goal as the best pest company in Duncan and Lawton Oklahoma is to get all pests out of your home, yard or business and to stop any new pests from entering. We inspect, prevent and treat for pests in and outside your home or building.


Oklahoma Pest Services Co, a family owned & operated pest management company is based right here in Stephens County. We live and work here, therefore, we care about our communities. Unlike national companies, we want to create a personal and trusted relationship with your family. We will never try to sell you a treatment plan you can't afford or don’t need. We will tailor a pest management plan that best suits your needs.


Our  Stephens County Service Guarantee

We want you to be a happy and satisfied customer.This is why we offer a fully-backed written guarantee for all our work. Also, we offer Free, No-obligation Inspections & Estimates.


Got Termites? Contact Us Now for Free Termite Inspection at (580) 470-9839.





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